Workshops – Phonurgia Nova
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Phonurgia Nova in Arles promote radio and sound art since 1986

Our workshops are aimed for beginners and professional radio makers, sound artists, sociologists, anthropologists and writers interested in “sound writing”.

Year round, Phonurgia Nova offers courses led by the world’s leading practitioners to help participants develop their personal sonic or radiophonic skills.


Spring in Arles is a lovely time for learning and exciting exchanges. Precious advice from prominent professionals help participants develop their skills and sharpen their ear during these special moments in an outstanding setting.


Professional radio makers share their experience, tips and personalized advice with participants to help them improve their technical or aesthetic skills.


A dense workshop program will take place al summer long, from 1 July to 4 August 2019.
Already anounced :
Alessandro Bosetti, Gilles Aubry, Kaye Mortley, Mehdi Ahoudig, Samuel Bollendorff, Bernard Fort, Arnaud Forest, Sophie Berger, Alexandre Plank, Antoine Richard, Felix Blume, etc

More details (sorry, only in french) on our site. All workshops are led in French – except the Master-Class of Alessandro Bosetti.

Every year, nearly 15 professional of sound share their experience, knowledge and vision. They are invited not just for the quality of their work, but also for their ability and desire to teach. For nearly 35 years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming the european’s greatest radio artists as instructors, including Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, René Farabet, Yann Paranthoën, Klaus Schöning, Flor Stein, Richard Wilson, David Zane Mairowitz.

On the first day of the course, participants meet at 9:30 a.m. Alternating between recording and editing sessions, the courses end at around 7 p.m., often casually continuing at night on the terrace.

Participants are advised to bring their recorders and microphones and a selection of sounds demonstrating their level and sensibility.

Accomodation fees are not included in the price, but we can provide a list of accomodation at small price.