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Phonurgia Nova Awards 2023 : The Nominations

Phonurgia Nova Awards 2023 : The Nominations

Like a seismograph, the phonurgia nova awards measure the intensity fluctuations of international radio and sound creation. This year again, the participation score is high (357 participants), a sign of the attachment of all (authors, radio stations, collectives and studios), to an event that rewards those who mobilize the resources of the recording to bring listening to incandescence. Whether it is to manifest a commitment, to revisit aesthetics or to document social and human realities, new writings are emerging. This edition takes the measure of the phenomenon and delivers a vast panorama of today’s sound and radiophonic creation.

On 2, 3 and 4 November at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris, the 3 days of listening and discussion of the jury, open to all, once again promise exciting discoveries and meetings.

49 productions are in the running for the 5 creation awards (documentary, fiction, field recording, sound art and discoveries Pierre Schaeffer). Take the opportunity to be a jury member of the phonurgia nova Awards 2023 and vote for your favourite projects on our website

> Sound Fiction Award/ the 6 Nominees are
Stefano Gianotti, Mondi possibili, 52’, SWR2 (Germany)
Chloé Despax, Et si Ganda s’était sauvé ? 20’52, Radio Grenouille (France)
David Christoffel, Réveillonner, 60’, autoproduction (France)
Mehdi Bayad, A tâtons, 180’, Mazal ASBL with the help of ACSR (Belgium)
Claire Richard, La dernière nuit d’Anne Bonny, 183’14, ARTE Radio (France), under the direction of Sabine Zovighian and Arnaud Forest
Daniel Martin-Borret, Dérèglements chromatiques, 12’37, autoproduction (France)

Field Recording / Soundscape Award  the 11 nominees are
Mathieu Chiaverini, Potosí – La montagne qui dévore les hommes, 9’22, ARTE Radio (France)
Eric La Casa, Barrières Mobiles part 1 & 2, 24’22, autoproduction (France)
Aurélien Bertini, A la lisière, 18’02, autoproduction (France)
Yannick Lemesle, Funestes anthropophonies, 27’55, autoproduction (France)
Ziv Yifeat, The Sad Locust Hunters, 12’22, autoproduction (Israel)
Delf Maria Hohmann, “Schtil, die nacht is ojsgeschternt” for Esther Béjarano, 5’16, autoproduction (Canada)
Werner Cee, Simulacrum, 30’60, autoproduction (Germany)
Pablo Diserens, Walking on sólheimajökull glacier, 9’47, autoproduction (Germany)
Yoichi Kamimura, Ryuhyo, 4’59, autoproduction (Japon)
Diego Véliz, Sound Desert, 58’, autoproduction (Chili)
May Santot, Performance énergétique, 2’38, autoproduction (France)

Prix Découvertes Pierre Schaeffer/ the 8 nominees are
Akira Kawasaki, The Marathon, 11’56, German Film and Television Academy Berlin (Germany)
Lucien Monot, Le passage, 22’17, Le Labo RTS (Switzerland)
Mathias Guilbaud, Voies Urbaines : Rue Sainte-Catherine, 7’, autoproduction (France)
Lucy Charpie, Lignes de rive, 23’58, autoproduction (France)
Maël Charbonneaux, Pouce, 14’48, autoproduction (France)
Talia Augustidis, Sleep Talks, 14’50, autoproduction (United Kingdom)
Pierre Costard, Distorsions, 14’14, autoproduction (France)
Pierre Regniez, Fahrrad, 4’51, autoproduction (Germany)

Sound Art Award/ Radio Art/ the 10 Nominees are
Jan Jelinek, Social Engineering, 33’, SWR2 (Germany)
Colin Black, Avian Love, 49’42, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany)
Andreas Bick, Faux Persona 19’43, R{A}DIO{CUSTICA} of Czech Radio Vltava (Czech Republic)
Charo Calvo, Wild Tracks for you, 11’50, autoproduction (Belgium)
Myriam Pruvot, Onda & Storia. a modest opera, 60’, Halles de Schaerbeek with the help of ACSR (Belgium)
Floriane Pochon, CoMute #1: Tubes, 19’50, Phaune radio (France)
Miri Berlin, Requiem – Sound of Transience: An Acoustic Experience, 15’, autoproduction (Germany)
Louis Olivier Desmarais, PAX, 60’44, autoproduction (Canada)
Bernadette Johnson, Disturbed Waltz, 6’22, autoproduction (Switzerland)
Jeanne Debarsy, Maybe Nothing, 14’15, Semi Silent & Babelfish (Romania & Belgium)

> Prize Archives de la Parole/ Documentary/ the 14 nominees are
Nina Hauge Kristensen, The Heart-shaped, 49’18, autoproduction (Denmark)
Mira Matthew, Les Femmes-Hyènes, 52’56, Cinésilex with the help of ACSR (Belgium)
Nausicaa Preiss & Antoine Bougeard, Enfermé.es nulle part, 53’45, autoproduction (France)
Kyla Brettle Significant Roadside Area, 19’28, autoproduction (Australia)
Clémentine Ménetier & Erwan Flageul, Voix Lactées, 46’55, autoproduction (France)
Hervé Brindel, Sur les traces sonores de la nymphe Écho, 45’32, Abracadabra film with the help of ACSR (Belgium)
Judith Bordas & Annabelle Brouard, Par elles-mêmes, 57’, L’Expérience France Culture (France)
Sigita Vegyté, I Remember His Look. The Story of a Soldier and a Migrant, 44’41, Lithuanian National Radio (Lithuania)
Léa Chatauret, A cœur ouvert, 49’07, ARTE Radio (France), under the direction of Samuel Hirsch
Sarah Lefèvre & Adrien Chevrier, La Grande Nuit. À celles et ceux qui vivent sous Paris, 58’15, L’expérience France Culture (France), under the direction of Céline Ters
Cicely Fell Call Signs, 27’30, Falling Tree (United Kingdom)
Stefanie Heim & Vivien Schütz, Nachts – Unterwegs mit drei Flaneurinnen, 52’57, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany)
Aurélie Brousse & Jeanne Debarsy, Toucher Terre, 53’, Babelfish Asbl (Belgium)
Guillaume Abgrall & Irvic d’Olivier, Quand la mer monte, 44’33, Otuscops with the help of ACSR (Belgium)


73 projects were submitted. As every year, priority was given to the innovative nature of the projects submitted, but also, at the same time, to the ability of the authors of these projects to carry them out in relative autonomy. The institutional environment of each project was also taken into consideration, leading the committee to favour (with an equivalent project quality) authors less supported by the institutions, with the aim of generating new signatures: what constitutes the primary vocation of this call.

The 16 nominated for the residencies 2023 in our 4 partner studios: GMEM (Marseille), Euphonia (Marseille), ART ZOYD (Valenciennes) and AVATAR (Quebec), are

Antje Vowinckel, Hold the line (Germany)
Marc-Antoine Granier, Correspondance des roseaux (France)
Lionel Hubert, Artaud et l’IA (France)
Jana de Troyer, Soundscapes for curious consumers (Germany)
Anne Lepère, Nuages (Belgium)
Nicolas Montgermont et Pali Meursault, Feral Bands (France)
Rocio Calvo, Le plus mauvais groupe du monde (France)
Sonia Cabrita, Ficelle(s) (France)
Alice Audrezet, Annabelle Croze, Claire Laxtague, Clara Ries, Amélie Tulet, Abécédaire sonore (France)
Maïssoun Zeineddine, Evelyne Pommerat, Chez Madeleine (France)
Mathias Arrignon, Zone Noire (United Kingdom)
Jenny Cartwright, David Cherniak, La ville intérieure (Canada)
Pascale Théorêt-Groulx, Passage obligé – bound flow (Canada)
Clara Lacombe, Marine Beccarelli, Eldoradio (France)
Anne-Julie Rollet, Aïcha-Algéria (France)
Gillies Van Der Wee, Lotte Nijsten, Liquid Polyphonies (Belgium)

We look forward to seeing you on 2, 3 and 4 November at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles de Paris (detailed program under development)

Schedule of the listening days

2/11. Fiction and Field Recording
3/11. Pierre Schaeffer discovery and Radio Art
4/11. Documentaries