2021 – Phonurgia Nova
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And the winners are…

This year, 256 productions coming from 21 different countries were entered, and 38 were nominated. During a whole weekend these works from all around the world were presented to a demanding and appreciative audience.

Palmarès 2021

5 awards to celebrate radio art and sound expression

  • « Field recording » Award

  • with 1000€ from the Musée Réattu / City of Arles

    Action Pyramid
    Hoverflies, Reed Pipes, Cockchafers, Bullroarers
    autoproduction (Great-Britain)

    listen here


    Jury’s Mention
    Geophana by Vincent Grimaldi (Switzerland)

    listen here

  • « Human Word Archives » Award

  • with 1000€ from the BnF,
    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

    Alice Milot & Charlie Dupiot
    Chère(s) voix
    34 min, Postscriptum-Podcast (France)

    listen here

    Mention of the jury

    Lucia Scazzocchio & Sasha Edye-Lindner
    Loss in translation
    24 min, production Social Broadcasts (Grande Bretagne)

    listen here

  • « Découverte Pierre Schaeffer » Award

  • with 500€ from phonurgia nova

    Mélia Roger & Grégoire Chauvot
    Birds and wires
    5 min, auto-production (France)

    listen here


    Mention of the jury and “Coup de coeur” du Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles

    Claire Messager & Fanny Dujardin
    29 min, auto production (France)

    listen here

  • « Sound Art » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACEM

    Loré Lixenberg
    53 min, une coproduction Kunstradio ORF (Autriche) et Deutschland Funk Berlin (Allemagne)

    listen here



    Mention du jury

    Antje Vowinckel
    Gipfeltreffen (Rencontre au sommet)
    12 min, auto production (Allemagne)

    listen here


  • « Sound Fictions » Award

  • with 2000€

    Mehdi Bayad
    Rouge Vif
    65 min, autoproduction (Belgique)

    listen here

    Mention du jury
    Klaire fait Grr, Godcast – Le Podcast de Dieu
    16 min, ARTE Radio (France)

    listen here

  • Selection Ars Acustica EBU

  • from the European Broadcasting Union

    Tom Fisher, Action Pyramid, Hoverflies, Reed Pipes, Cockchafers, Bullroarers – autoproduction, (GrandeBretagne)
    Yoichi Kamimura, Ecotherapy autoproduction, (Japon)

Phonurgia Nova 2021 Residences / Scholarships

2021 / GRM de l’INA
2021 / Euphonia
2021 / GMEM
2021 / Art Zoyd

The nominees are

Anne Versailles (Sarek Jietna), Jordan Allard (Pigments), Juliette Hamon (La Nuit matérielle) Jérôme Girard (Sous ces voûtes intranquilles), Marie-Lys Polchlopek  (L’autre Paris), Léa Roger & Clarice Calvo (Magna Mater).