Residencies – Phonurgia Nova
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A tailored support for your audio projects

 phonurgia nova awards prizes, but also, from now on, creative residencies endowed with 2000 €. They are intended for the authors of projects that fit indistinctly into the spectrum of radio creation, radio art or podcast.

Marseille, Valenciennes, Paris and now Quebec City? 5 creative residencies complete the 2023 Phonurgia Nova Awards. They are attributed on “projects” (submitted as written proposal). They take place in our partner studios: the national center of musical creation GMEM_Centre national de création musicale, Euphonia, Art Zoyd and for the second time Avatar. Each resident receives a grant of 2000 €. They make possible to start or finalize a radio or sound project, while benefiting from a tailor-made technical and artistic accompaniment. To be eligible, the projects submitted must demonstrate an author’s approach, without any other criteria. All durations, subjects, forms are welcome if your intention is to bring listening further by mobilizing the resources of radio creation and podcast. The closing date is 31 July 2024 midnight (CET).


Good to know…

1 – It is important that you describe your project in as much detail as possible, including the degree of progress and what you expect from the residence.

2 – These residences may concern both projects started and not started, for which no records are yet available.

3 – If you have a preference for one of the four studios, you can mention it in your application.

2023 Winners

Residences Phonurgia Nova 2023 were awarded to Diane Barbé (Euphonia), Némo Camus (GMEM), Alain Mahé and Christian Dubet (INA GRM) and Aymeric Lepage (Art Zoyd). They were hosted by our partner studios.

2024 Winners

Residences Phonurgia Nova 2024 were awarded to Maïssoun Zenedine (Euphonia), Gillis Van der Wee & Lotte Nijsten (GMEM), Pascale Théorêt-Groulx (Avatar) and Lionel Hubert (Art Zoyd). They are currently hosted by our partner studios.

Additionnal residencies : Anne-Julet Rollet (Euphonia), Jenny Cartwright & David Cherniak (GMEM)

Other residencies : Gary Salin, Joséphine Lunal, Isabelle Vernay, Cécile Massin & Anouk Delfino, Solène Krystkowiak, Marguerite Fouletier, Delphine Menoret, Erika Hernandez & Agnès Souville

Submissions 2024

deadline : 31 th july midnight (CET)


Rendez-vous 2024

La Friche Belle de Mai (Marseille) 13, 14, 15 & 16 November

Take part in the Festival and attend the days of listening and deliberation in public of the jury.