2023 – Phonurgia Nova
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And the winners are…

This year, 357 productions coming from 30 different countries were entered, and 49 were nominated. During a whole weekend these works from all around the world were presented to a demanding and appreciative audience.

Palmarès 2023

5 awards to celebrate radio art and sound expression

  • « Field recording » Award

  • with 1000€ from the Musée Réattu / City of Arles

    Diego Véliz
    Sound Desert – Agrovoices & FCALP
    58’, autoproduction (Chili)

    listen here


    Jury’s Mentions

    Yoichi Kamimura
    4’59, autoproduction (Japon)

    listen here

    Aurélien Bertini
    A la lisière
    18’02, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

  • « Découverte Pierre Schaeffer » Award

  • with 500€ from phonurgia nova

    Lucy Charpie
    Lignes de rive
    23’58, autoproduction (France)

    listen here


    Pierre Costard
    14’14, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

    and “Coup de coeur” du Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles

    Talia Augustidis
    Sleep Talks
    14’50, autoproduction (Grande Bretagne)

    listen here

  • « Sound Art » Award

  • with 1000€ from phonurgia nova

    Charo Calvo
    Wild Tracks for you
    11’50, autoproduction (Belgique)

    listen here

    Bernadette Johnson
    Disturbed Waltz
    6’22, autoproduction (Suisse)

    listen here

    Mention du jury

    Jeanne Debarsy
    Maybe Nothing
    14’15, Semi Silent & Babelfish (Roumanie & Belgique)

    listen here

  • « Sound Fictions » Award

  • with 1000€ from Phonurgia Nova

    Stefano Giannotti
    Mondi Possibili
    52′, SWR2 (Allemagne)

    listen here

  • Audience Awards

  • Stefano Giannotti, Mondi possibili, 52’, SWR2 (Allemagne)
    Eric La Casa, Barrières Mobiles part 1 & 2, 57’, autoproduction (France)
    Lucy Charpie, Lignes de rive, 23’58, autoproduction (France)
    Colin Black, Avian Love, 49’42, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Allemagne)
    Nausicaa Preiss & Antoine Bougeard, Enfermé.es nulle part, 53’45, autoproduction (France)


Phonurgia Nova 2023

Residences / Scholarships

2023 / Avatar
2023 / Euphonia
2023 / GMEM
2023 / Art Zoyd

More residences :

Anne-Julie Rollet Aïcha Algéria (Euphonia)

Jenny Cartwright & David Cherniak La ville intérieure (GMEM)

The winners are…

Pascale Théorêt-Groult, Maïssoun Zenedine, Gillis Van der Wee & Lotte Nijsten  et Lionel Hubert

Additionnal residences : Gary Salin, Joséphine Lunal, Isabelle Vernay, Cécile Massin & Anouk Delfino, Solène Krystkowiak,, Marguerite Fouletier, Delphine Menoret, Erika Hernandez et Agnès Souville