Phonurgia nova awards – Phonurgia Nova
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Phonurgia nova awards

22nd Call for works

« The Loud-speaker is probably the greatest common denominator in all our lives to-day. Video, multimedia, car radios, mobile phones are all crafting a new life for sound. In all domains sound is an objet of research, of reflexion. It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound.

And to encourage people to listen ».

Christian Leblé, chairman.

It’s time to submit your work for the next edition of the Phonurgia Nova Awards which will held in Pairs, at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (the french national library) in september 2017. Participate in one of the most important radio and sound art competition, award an Festival in Europe. The Festival is the oldest and most prestigious event in the field of radio and sound art in France. The competition is a land of acoustic discovery: an international event which rallies sound and radio artists from all over the world. In 2016, 199 productions from 17 different countries were entered, and 36 of those were selected for an award. The jury was open to the general public, and its president, Chantal Dumas, underlined that this competition is “a genuine sound art observatory and not a conservatory”. All works are welcome as long as they are the expression of a creative approach. During a whole weekend works from all around the world will be presented to a demanding and appreciative audience. This year, the international Jury will award 7,500 € worth
prizes. All details, rules and registrations form available here.

Discover the 2017 winners

Listening available as soon as October 1st on air from

the RTS, Espaces 2 (radio show le LABO), La Première RTBF (Par Ouïe-dire),
and in early November on Radio Campus Paris (Récréation sonore),
Radio Grenouille and France Musique (Tapage Nocturne)

Palmarès 2017


“Every time a radio Prize has been created, it has provoked surprising works”, declared Pierre Schaeffer during the first edition of this competition in 1986. This observation is confirmed this evening at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France! After two intense and passionate days, this 2017 edition reveals new voices and strong talents! A phenomenon is consolidated from year to year: on the margins of the great radio houses, new authors and producers emerge, with whom we must count.

5 awards to celebrate radio art and sound expression

  • « Field recording » Award

  • with 1000€
    from the Musée de la Camargue

    Daniel Capeille
    Le Silence sur un fil
    43 min, autoproduction (Canada)

    listen here

  • « Human Word Archives » Award

  • with 1000€ from the BnF,
    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

    Benoît Bories
    Une Quête
    46 min, co-production RTBF La Première / Faïdos Sonore (France-Belgique)

    listen here

    Special mentions

    Fabienne Laumonier
    37 min, production ACSR
    with support from FACR Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgique)

    listen here

    Daniel Martin-Borret & Marie Lisel
    17 min, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

  • « Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries » Award

  • with 500€
    from Phonurgia Nova

    Louis-Olivier Desmarais
    13 min, production with support from the Bourse Gulliver (Canada)

    listen here


    Boris Gobin / Sonia Franco
    De l’autre côté du monde
    38 min, with support from the Bourse Gulliver

    listen here

  • « Sound Art » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACEM

    Charo Calvo
    45 min, ABC Soundproof Australia
    with support from the ACSR and the FACR of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

    listen here


    Davide Tidoni
    Le son du bruit blanc
    9 min, production ACSR-Empreinte (Italie)

    listen here

  • « Francophone Fictions » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACD

    François Pérache & Sabine Zovighian
    De guerre en fils
    55 min, Arte Radio (France)

    listen here


    Fabrice Osinski
    La Tourmente
    53 min, CinéSilex (Belgique)

    listen here

  • Groupe Selection
    Ars Acustica

  • from the European Broadcasting Union

    Daniel Blinkhorn
    Cradle Caldera
    17 min, autoproduction

    Félix Blume
    7 min, Phaune Radio

    François Vaillant
    Sous le grand chêne
    9 min, autoproduction

    Marc Vernon
    Lend an ear, leave a word – Audio archeology Volume 1 : Lisbon
    21 min, autoproduction

    Janko Hanushevsky & Eva Pöpplein
    In darkness let me dwell
    60 min, Deutschlandfunk

Phonurgia Nova 2017 Residences / Scholarships

Phonurgia Nova 2017 / GRM de l’INA
Phonurgia Nova 2017 / Euphonia
Phonurgia Nova 2017 / GMVL Lyon
Phonurgia Nova 2017 / SACD
Phonurgia Nova 2017 / Musée de la Camargue

The nominees are
Bastien Lambert, Chloé Despax, Arnaud Leroy, Terri Hron, Marco Lampis, Joachim Glaude, Elina Gakou-Gomba and Marine Angé, Grit Lieder, Anna Granata, Colin Black, Sonia Pastecchia, Karen Werner, Clara Lacombe and Léa Capuano

SEPTEMBER 23rd & 24th 2017

Sounds, words, voices, among the books !

The BnF welcomes the Phonurgia Nova Awards for radiophonic and sound creation


Public broadcasters, commercial and non-commercial stations, sound factories and studios as Arte Radio, La Première, RTBF, Phaune Radio, France Culture, ACSR, Faïdos Sonor, Le Labo-RSR, ABC Soundproof Australia, Deutschlandfunk, BabelFish asbl, Radio Panik, SWR, and, of course, the large family of independent authors and radio-makers will be competing for this year’s Awards. We invite you do discover the shortlist of nominees and detailed program of the next two days of listening.

Saturday september 23rd

10:00 a.m.: Jury Welcome Address

by Jean-Loup Graton
Director of cultural events of the BnF.
Presentation of the members of the jury.
Reminder of the philosophy of the event
and its vocation.

10:30 am – 1:00 a.m.: Field Recording Award

Alexis Rodolphe Myanmar Melodies
Atanasyan Charlie A journey through the Middle-East
Black Colin One Saturday in a small welsh village
Blinkhorn Daniel Cradle caldera
Blume Félix Fuga – Phaune Radio
Capeille Daniel Le silence sur un fil
Marin Stéphane Serendib rythms
Moxley Alyssa Epiphany
Petit Jérôme Siffler Laos – Arte Radio
Vaillant François Sous le grand chêne
Vernon Marc Lend an ear, leave a word – Audio Archaeology Volume 1: Lisbon

2:15 p.m. – 5:35 p.m.: Human Word Archives Award / Session 1

Tirandaz Laura Des étés plus longs que d’autres – La Première – RTBF – Par Ouï-dire
Pesch Carina Wanna play? worlds and 5 blind dates – SWR
Despeignes/Mardirossian Charles-Henri/Gilles Les voix du Mal (Chipe, Merguez, Disco) – France Culture
Martin Borret/Lisel Daniel/Marie Agogies
Carre/Julien Marylène/Jean Baptiste À Cherbourg la mer est bleue quand il fait beau – France Culture
Pascariello Pascale Les braqueurs – Arte Radio
Robiche Claire Un faux prophète – Arte Radio
François Nicolas La sardine et le loup de mer – ACSR

4:50 p.m. – 7:20 p.m.: Human Word Archives Award / Session 2

Laumonier Fabienne Bienvenue – ACSR
Gasteau Sylvie Anne de Jongh, la rebelle à la licorne – France Culture
Bories Benoît Une quête – La première – RTBF, FaÏdos Sonore
Oudin Nicolas Porte voix de la disparition – Le labo – RSR
Meursault/Landry Pali/Amélie Les chemins égarés – France Culture
Penitot Aline Nous, pacotilleuses, femmes de vagabondages marins – France Culture
Aigner Florence Les enfants de la poule – Florence Aigner, Polymorfilms et l’atelier Graphoui
Parietti/Langer Caroline/Vanessa Le corps qui sait – Le labo – RSR

7:30 p.m.: Spoken Archive Award

Sunday september 24th

11:15 a.m. – 13:15 a.m.: Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries Award

Chomel Cabiria Les habitués de la nuit
Flacon Marie Fini de jouer – Arte Radio
Cousseau Jeanne Si je rêve, prends garde à toi – ACSR Empreinte
Desmarais Louis Olivier Abbaye
Herrmann Mitchell Nicosia
Gobin/Franco Boris/Sonia De l’autre côté du monde

2:00 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.: Sound Art Award

Butzmann Frieder Die schrecklichhsten Stimmen – The most terrible voices – SWR
Calvo Charo Qualia – ABC Soundproof Australia
Hanushevsky/Poepplein Janko/Eva In darkness let me dwell – Deutschlandfunk
Jacquot Nicolas Lames de fonds
Madan/Friz Emmanuel/Anna The Joy channel
Naylor Steven Rivers
Peters/Peregrine Sarah/Andrews Ed Balls’ dream diner party
Tidoni Davide Le son du bruit blanc – ACSR Empreinte
Toulemonde Olivier Comment dire
Von Reusner Clemens Definierte Lastbedingung

5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.: Francophone Fictions Award

Abitan Benjamin La préhistoire du futur – France Culture
Debarsy/Lagadec Jeanne/Maël La première fois que je suis devenue fou(le) – BabelFish asbl et ACSR
Dicenaire Sebastian John Haute Fidélité
Matyn-Wallecan/Boute Vincent/Antoine Télé Banque Hypnose – Radio Panik
Merlin Jean Paul Faits divers
Osinski Fabrice La Tourmente – CinéSilex
Perache/Zovighian François/Sabine De guerre en fils – Arte Radio
Ray Sandrine La tragédie du bonheur

8:30 p.m.: 2017 Awards Announcement

In the presence of the President of the BnF,
Mme Laurence Engels (subject to availability)

2017 Juries

  • Léa Minod

    I made my first steps for Arte Radio in 2008, then for Radio France and Radio Campus Paris in 2010 with the broadcast Récréation sonore. Since 2010 I oscillate between the passionate listening about all that’s broadcasts the radio media, the radio productions I make and sound creation.

  • Pascal Mouneyres

    I explore radio and sound waves for the French newspaper Les Inrockuptibles and for I recently participated in the writing of Tout Ouïe, a work that address the question of music and sound creation in public places (Editions Entretemps).

  • Alexandre Castant

    I’m an essayist, an art critic, and a National Art Schools Professor. I have published Planète sonores, radiophonie, arts, cinema (Monografik), Journal audiobiographique, radiophonie, arts, cinema (Nouvelles Éditions Scala, 2016) and recently, Les Arts sonores (Transonic, Charleroi).

  • Jean-Loup Graton

    After musical studies in the class of Pierre Schaeffer at the CNSM, I entered as a radio Producer at France Musique and France Culture. I became the assistant of the Director of this station and later managed the communication of Radio France (1977 - 2000). Since 2005, I am responsible for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Chantal Dumas

    Musician and sound artist, I compose since the 90s works that are mixing intimate words, bruitists patterns and sound atmospheres. Radio, web, performance or installations, I am interested in all the possibilities offered by acoustic narration. I live and work in Montreal. I received the Phonurgia Nova Awards twice.

  • Pascale Tison

    Producer of the program ``Par Ouïe-dire`` La Prémière-RTBF in Brussels. Fictions, documentaries, sound art.

  • Laurence Lesaux

    Journalist for the radio program pages at Télérama

  • David Collin

    I manage the LABO since its creation, and I am a producer and a director on the Radio Swiss Television (Espace 2, Lausanne) since 1997. I am also a writer and a publisher.

  • Alexandre Plank

    Producer for France Culture since 2010 I create documentaries and fictions there. I studied philosophy at the Bauhaus University of Weimar and Dramatic Art in Strasbourg at the TNS. I also work as a translator. I translated Michel Serres, Jacques Derrida, Paul Virilio, Bernard Stiegler and Ferdinand Bruckner.

  • Christian Leblé

    I discovered Phonurgia Nova in the 80s’ when I was journalist at Liberation were I was writing on music, radio and sound. Since 2005 I work as an independent producer on musical documentaries and uptake of concerts and opera.

  • Francois Nida

    Former publisher, I am now Assistant Director for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Caroline Le Bossé

    I trained in journalism at the ESJ Lille. I worked as a project manager for France Inter, Radio France. I am now Communication Responsible at Tënk, the documentaries platform created by Jean-Marie Barbe in Lussas.

  • Denis Dufour

    Composer, teacher, researcher, lecturer, advisor, creator of concert structures and organizations, I have composed more than 180 instrumental (vocal, mixed, real-time, acousmatic and radio works) including several texts by Thomas Brando with who I am collaborating since 1980.

  • Anne Gillot

    Clarinettist and flutist, Anne Gillot pursues her work of creation and representation of the contemporary music repertoire and, more generally, intend to explore sound in all its facets. She was born in Lausanne in 1972.

  • Marie Barbier

    Journalist at L’Humanité

  • Pascal Bussy

    Pascal Bussy is head of editorial at PIAS harmonia mundi where he is in charge of labels World Village and Jazz Village; among his signatures are Ahmad Jamal, Sandra Nkake, Melingo, Trio Joubran, Kyle Eastwood, Leyla McCalla, Mulatu Astatke, António Zambujo and Lo'Jo.


Rendez-vous september 23rd and 24th

Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris

Come at the Festival Phonurgia Nova and attend public listening and deliberation days.

5 entries in an abundant universe // 5 prizes

A Radio Art

Prize awarded by the SACEM (Association of Composers and music publishers to protect copyright and royalties)

In certain folds of the waves, the radio allows to invent works which could materialize nowhere else. This price rewards the most innovative steps designed specifically for her and which dig the sound depth.

An art of sound fiction

Prize sound Fictions awarded by the SACD

Helmets or deckchairs, loudspeakers, transistor, tuner, installation or geolocation-based listening? For two minutes, one hour or a whole night? The sound fiction renews our relationship to the world and to the others.

An art of transmission of the word

Prize « human word archives » awarded by the BNF

To record the voices and the silences of the world is a whole art. This new prize encourages the authors who venture on the difficult way of the captation and the transmission of the human word.

An art of the sound disorientation

Prize « Field Recording » awarded by the Museum of Camargue

How put itself tuned to the landscapes which we cross? What do we hear when we sound them of a new ear? On what base to meet territories and those who live in them?

A Prize « Discoveries »

Prize awarded by Phonurgia Nova to reward the young authors

A new generation seized the sound thanks to the new tools (audio-blogs, free software, podcasting, digital recorders, smartphones) which democratized the access. This generation begins its own revolution of listening. To these fascinated young people, Phonurgia Nova tightens the ear and reserves a price `` Pierre Schaeffer`` (In hommage to the incomparable sound and radio pioneer).