Phonurgia nova awards – Phonurgia Nova
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Phonurgia nova awards


Once a year, by means of numerous European radio partners, Phonurgia Nova Awards distinguishes authors who explore the reality and the sound imagination.

Born in 1986, the Festival is the oldest and most prestigious event in the field of radio and sound art in France. This year, 272 productions from 30 different countries were entered, and 35 of those are selected for the Festival. Our ear is loaded of a new culture of sounds, and a new art of listening, inspired by radio and sound practices. The Phonurgia Nova Awards take the measure of the phenomenon and identify the outlines of this abundant universe. Chantal Dumas (Canada), Yves Meylan (Switzerland), Dominique Petitgand (France), Bernadette Johnson (Switzerland), Alessandro Bosetti (Italy), Andréas Bick (Germany), Hanna Hartman (Germany), Sébastien Dicenaire (Belgium), Joaquin Cofreces (Argentina), Sherre Delys and Russel Stapleton (Australia) : the list of the creators “crowned” in 30 years is impressive. Again this year, we invite you to discover authors who renew the radio and sound art all over the world. During a “weekend marathon”, their works will be listened at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (the french national library) by a live deliberative jury.

The Phonurgia Nova Awards 2019

  • An international radiophonic awards open to all
  • One of the best sonic places that supports its most current forms
  • Here you can find the overview of important dates – the list will be continuously updated, as we get closer to the festival.
    15 April                        Submission system opens
    15 July                          Deadline for Submission
    3 September              Nominations are published
    20 September           Festival Programme available on line
    29 September            Competition Presentations live

SEPTEMBER 28th & 29th 2019

Sounds, words, voices among the books !

The BnF Bibliothèque Nationale de France
welcomes the Phonurgia Nova Awards for the fourth time


Rendez-vous september 28th and 29th

Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris

Come at the Festival Phonurgia Nova and attend public listening and deliberation days.