Contest – Phonurgia Nova
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Once a year, by means of numerous European radio partners, Phonurgia Nova Awards distinguishes authors who explore reality and imaginary through sound

The Phonurgia Nova Prizes will be awarded this year for the 28th time. Born in 1986, the festival is the oldest and most prestigious event in the field of creative radio, sound art and podcast in France. Last year, 358 productions from 30 different countries were entered, and 62 of those were selected for the Festival.

Dominique Petitgand, Chantal Dumas, Bernadette Johnson, Hanna Hartman, Alessandro Bosetti, Sébastien Dicenaire, Joaquin Cofreces, Félix Blume, Sophie Berger, have made the fine days of this Prize, while the list of those who reveal themselves each year is impressive. In line with its 27 past editions, the 2023 jury will dedicate s who renew listening to the world and others.

The event brings together authors from all over Europe and beyond. Sharing a burning desire to tell stories with and through sound, these adventurers renew the concept of phonography, which is  considered here as a medium for interpreting reality. This year again, we are seeking soundscapes, spoken word pieces, radio experiments, found sound, innovative approaches to drama and documentary, and challenging new projects.  During the festival, the submissions will be auditioned and reviewed by a live jury.

All radio and sound works should be submitted either as completed pieces (for existing works) or as a written proposal (for residencies).  5 prizes will be awarded : documentary, fiction, sound art, field recording and young creation (artists under 30) Registration is open until 30th July 2023. The selected works will be presented to the public and discussed by an international jury the 2nd, 3th and 4th November 2023 at Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris. The best projects (submitted as written proposal) will share between 3 creative residencies in 2024 to be hosted by the GMEM, Euphonia and Art Zoyd. 


The call for works and projects is now open !

Deadline for submissions : 30 July


Festival / 2023 November 2-3-4

Centre Wallonie Bruxelles de Paris, 127-129 rue Saint Martin, 75004 Paris

Come at the Festival and attend public listening and deliberation days.