2018 – Phonurgia Nova
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And the winners are…

In 2018, 252 productions from 29 different countries were entered, and 37 of those were selected. The jury was open to the general public, and its two presidents, Pascale Tison and Alessandro Bosetti, underlined that this competition is “a wonderfull sound art observatory”. All works were welcome as long as they were the expression of a creative approach. During a whole weekend works from all around the world have been presented to a demanding and appreciative audience.

Palmarès 2018

5 awards to celebrate radio art and sound expression

  • « Field recording » Award

  • with 1000€
    from the Musée de la Camargue

    Felix Blume
    Curupira, bête des bois
    35 min, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

    Stephanie Lagarde
    All future springs
    29 min, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

  • « Human Word Archives » Award

  • with 1000€ from the BnF,
    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

    Marie Guerin
    Même morts nous chantons
    54 min, une co-production Deutschlandfunk Kultur / France Culture / Studio for Electroakustiche Musik der Akademie der Kunst

    listen here

    Antoine Richard
    Sur la touche
    54 min, auto production France

    listen here

  • « Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries » Award

  • with 500€
    from Phonurgia Nova

    Julia Nanda Bejarano López
    Todo suena como los lajaros
    11 min,  autoproduction (Colombie)

    listen here


    Gerald Wang
    Ici, sur le caillou
    24 min, autoproduction Belgique
    38 min, with support from the Bourse Gulliver

    listen here

  • « Sound Art » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACEM

    Julien SartiSommeil paradoxal
    66 min, autoproduction France

    listen here


    Peter LenaertsPhantom Opera
    42 min, auto production (Australie)


    listen here

  • « Francophone Fictions » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACD

    Alexandre Plank
     Demain s’ouvre au pied de biche
    43 min, Longueur d’ondes et Oufipo (France)

    listen here

    Coup de coeur Tënk

    Marc-Antoine Granier
    Total désir
    58 min, Création on Air, France Culture (France)

    listen here

  • Groupe Selection Ars Acustica

  • from the European Broadcasting Union

    Felix Blume
    Curupira, bête des bois
    35 min, autoproduction (France)

    Julien Sarti
    Sommeil Paradoxal
    66 min, autoproduction (France)

    Peter Lenaerts
    Phantom Opera
    42 min, (Australie)

    Julia Nanda Bejarano López
    Todo suena como los lajaros
    11 min,  autoproduction (Colombie)

Phonurgia Nova 2018 Residences / Scholarships

Phonurgia Nova 2018 / GRM de l’INA
Phonurgia Nova 2018 / Euphonia
Phonurgia Nova 2018 / GMVL Lyon
Phonurgia Nova 2018 / SACD
Phonurgia Nova 2018 / Musée de la Camargue

The nominees are
Benoît Bories, Richard Kalisz, Léa Chevrier, Anne-Julie Rollet, Claire Laxtague, Aymeric Lepage, Nicolas Losson, Marie-Laurence Rancourt, Marc-Antoine Granier, Fabio Mon, Javier Rojas, Eve-Marie Bouché, Colin Black, Mikael Fernström, Sean Taylor, Claire Richard, Alice Kudlak.

SEPTEMBER 29th & 30th 2018

Sounds, words, voices, among the books !

The BnF welcomes the Phonurgia Nova Awards for radiophonic and sound creation

2018 Juries

  • Léa Minod

    I made my first steps for Arte Radio in 2008, then for Radio France and Radio Campus Paris in 2010 with the broadcast Récréation sonore. Since 2010 I oscillate between the passionate listening about all that’s broadcasts the radio media, the radio productions I make and sound creation.

  • Pascal Mouneyres

    I explore radio and sound waves for the French newspaper Les Inrockuptibles and for Syntone.fr. I recently participated in the writing of Tout Ouïe, a work that address the question of music and sound creation in public places (Editions Entretemps).

  • David Christoffel

    I'm a composer, researcher, writer. I work on the contributions of music to speech. I composed a dozen spoken operas, including ``lamento sans les poils`` (coproduction GRM/Royaumont in 2006) and ``Les batons rompus`` (virtual residence at the Maison de la poésie de Paris in 2010).

  • Jean-Loup Graton

    After musical studies in the class of Pierre Schaeffer at the CNSM, I entered as a radio Producer at France Musique and France Culture. I became the assistant of the Director of this station and later managed the communication of Radio France (1977 - 2000). Since 2005, I am responsible for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Marcus Gammel

    Music journalist, radio producer and curator. He received the Prix Phonurgia Nova 2005 and the Prix Marulic 2008 for the documentary “Europas Wahn” (with Viktoria Tkaczyk). Since 2009 Gammel has been directing the weekly sound art programme at Deutschlandfunk Kultur, where he took on the role of Head of Radio Art (radio drama and documentary) in 2016. His productions have won the Prix Ars Electronica, the Karl Sczuka Award, and the Prix Phonurgia Nova, among others. He coordinated the EURORADIO Ars Acustica Group since 2013.

  • Pascale Tison

    Producer of the program ``Par Ouïe-dire`` La Prémière-RTBF in Brussels. Fictions, documentaries, sound art.

  • Laurence Lesaux

    Journalist for the radio program pages at Télérama

  • David Collin

    I manage the LABO since its creation, and I am a producer and a director on the Radio Swiss Television (Espace 2, Lausanne) since 1997. I am also a writer and a publisher.

  • Kaye Mortley

    Kaye Mortley, born in Australia in 1943, lives in France and is an independent radio producer. Her sophisticated sound features have won many awards, for example Prix Futura (1979, 1983, 1985, 1991) Prix Europa (1998, 2001) and Prix Italia (2005). She is running a lot of radio documentary workshops in France and abroad - notably at the ``université de la radio d'Arles``.

  • Christian Leblé

    I discovered Phonurgia Nova in the 80s’ when I was journalist at Liberation were I was writing on music, radio and sound. Since 2005 I work as an independent producer on musical documentaries and uptake of concerts and opera.

  • Francois Nida

    Former publisher, I am now Assistant Director for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Emmanuel Chicon

    Member of the ``Visions du réel`` selection committee since 2007, Emmanuel chicon has been a journalist, critic of documentary films, radio producer and programmer at FIPA.

  • Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux

    Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux is Research Director Emeritus at the CNRS (THALIM, ARIAS Laboratory: Research Workshop on Intermediality and Performing Arts) and Research Teacher at the University of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle. She specializes in theatrical studies.

  • Anne Gillot

    Clarinettist and flutist, Anne Gillot pursues her work of creation and representation of the contemporary music repertoire and, more generally, intend to explore sound in all its facets. She was born in Lausanne in 1972.

  • Olivier Kaeppelin

    Olivier Kaeppelin is an exhibition curator, art critic and writer, born on April 10, 1949 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was managing director in charge of programs at France Culture and then advisor to the president of Radio France for cultural programs from 1999 to 2004, Director of Plastic Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Communication from 2004 to 2010, Director of the Maeght Foundation from 2011 to the end of 2017.

  • Marie-Charlotte Laudier

    Journalist, radio producer, Marie-Charlotte Laudier is audio programmer of the platform Tënk (in duet with Emmanuel chicon) dedicated to independent features

  • Alessandro Bosetti

    Alessandro Bosetti (b. 1973) is an Italian composer, jazz/avant-garde/experimental saxophonist and sound artist, currently based in Marseille. Most of his work delves on the musicality of language and sonorous aspects of voice and verbal communication. Bosetti is a prolific radio artist and he commissioned many hybrid text-sound compositions for Radios in Europe, historical WDR's Studio Akustische Kunst in Cologne and Deutschlandradio Kultur in Berlin, among others


Rendez-vous september 29th and 30th

Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris

Come at the Festival Phonurgia Nova and attend public listening and deliberation days.