4 residencies – Phonurgia Nova
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4 residencies

4 residencies

Phonurgia Nova awards creative prizes but also grants creative writing residencies. This year there are 4 residencies for creators of projects that fall into the spectrum of radio creation or podcasting.
They take place in 4 partner studios supported by the French Ministry of Culture:
GRM of INA (Paris), GMEM (Marseille), Art Zoyd (Valenciennes) and Euphonia (Marseille).
Eligible projects must demonstrate an authorial approach, but no other criteria (format, subject, treatment, duration, origin, etc.) are imposed.
In each of these 4 studios, a working space is made available to the chosen residency candidates.

A wide range of recording and post-production facilities are made available and adapted to fit each project. Tailor-made artistic and technical support is also provided during the residency. The aim is to provide a fertile production environment for creation. In addition to technical support, Phonurgia Nova offers an artistic follow-up to each project, this can take the form of a mentorship, if so desired.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT of 2000 € from the SACEM
For the first time, this year thanks to a grant from SACEM, Phonurgia Nova is awarding the chosen candidates 2000 € to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

This is the deadline for all applicants to register their productions for a grand prize or a writing residency. The registration can be made online