Call for works – Phonurgia Nova
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Call for works

26th Call for works

It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound, and to encourage people to listen.

You are a field recordist, author of radio fictions or documentaries, audio performer,  sound artist, podcasts maker…?  inventor of digital forms which involve the narrative plasticity of sounds? These 7 prizes and 5 Residences are conceived for you. If they are selected, your works will be played at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France during this 26th edition of the Phonurgia Nova Awards, in October.

You may submit :
1) finalised productions (eligible for the various prizes)
2) yet to be realised projects: models and scenarios (eligible for the benefit of Residences)

All works are welcome as long as they a express a creative approach within the realms of podcast, sound or radio art. This year, the international Jury will award 7,500 € worth of prizes. All details, rules and registrations form available below.

Submit your Works or your Projects

Deadline for submission : july 5th 2021

7 entries // 7 prizes

Radio Art

Prize awarded by the SACEM (Association of Composers and music publishers to protect copyright and royalties) // 2 000 €

In certain folds of the waves, the radio allows us to invent works that could materialise nowhere else. This prize rewards the most innovative works designed specifically to explore the great depths of sound/radio art.

Sound fiction

Prize awarded by the SACD // 2 000 €

Headphones, loudspeakers, transistors, tuners, geolocation-based listening? For two minutes, one hour or a whole night? Sound fiction renews our relationship with our world and to the people within it.


Prize « Human word archives » awarded by the BnF // 1 000 €

Exploring the human with sound. Making the human voice “alive and speaking”. This was what the pioneers of recording wanted to promote. In the light of this dream, this documentary prize crowns the works that testify to human experience.


Prize « Field Recording » awarded by the Museum Reattu / City of Arles // 1 000 €

How do we tuned in to the landscapes that we encounter ? What do we hear when we listen them of a new ear? On what premise do we explore territories and those who live within them?

« Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries »

Prize awarded by Phonurgia Nova to reward the young authors // 500 €

A new generation seized the power of sound thanks to the arrival of new tools (audio-blogs, free software, podcasting, digital recorders, smartphones) which enabled democratic access. This generation begins its own revolution of listening. To these fascinated young people, Phonurgia Nova reserves a ``Pierre Schaeffer Prize`` (in homage to the incomparable sound and radio pioneer).

On the air

Prize « Real time » awarded by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles de Paris // 1 000 €

In this time of the podcast, which seems to place the creations in delayed time at the top of the pyramid of values, and while the radio once again shows its social utility and its inclusive media dimension, this new prize intends to highlight the creation in «real time» as a specific artistic form on the airwaves. No genre is excluded if it places the antenna in a creative loop.


Prize « Writtens » awarded by Phonurgia Nova // 1 000 €

In this time of the podcast and renewed radio airwaves, we need to read new theoretical texts about the art of listening : this new prize intends to highlight new authors. Still published or not. No genre is excluded if it places the thinking in a creative loop.

Submit your Works or your Projects

Deadline for submission : july 5th 2021


Rendez-vous October 2/3

Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris

Come at the Festival and attend public listening and deliberation days.