Call for works – Phonurgia Nova
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Call for works

27th Call for works

It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound, and to encourage people to listen.

You are a field recordist, author of radio fictions or documentaries, audio performer,  sound artist, podcasts maker…?  inventor of digital forms which involve the narrative plasticity of sounds? This call is conceived for you. If they are selected, your works will be played during this 27th edition of the Phonurgia Nova Awards.

You may submit :
1) finalised productions (eligible for the various prizes)
2) yet to be realised projects: models and scenarios (eligible for the benefit of Residences)

All works are welcome as long as they a express a creative approach within the realms of podcast or radio art. This year, the call will be launched in June. All details, rules and registrations form will be available below.