A festival of sonic discoveries – Phonurgia Nova
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A festival of sonic discoveries

A festival of sonic discoveries

“The most interesting thing about Phonurgia Nova? The unexpected… ” Daniel Deshays

Recently, the podcast has relaunched the exploration of sonic possibilities. Creations are flourishing and a new generation of artists and authors are emerging. The Phonurgia Nova juries are looking at this flowering, with one simple goal : not to miss anything important in this field of new contemporary narratives. Sounds collected, transmitted, exposed… voices collected, recorded, erased, archived, moved, twisted, renews – is it podcast or is it radio? The authors are not required to choose sides. The main thing is to surprise the listener.

Who can enter a work?

All authors of sound or radio creations and podcasts. The event is aimed at professionals, art and film students, as well as enthusiasts who have already practised sound in its various expressive forms. A special category “Découvertes Pierre Schaeffer” (Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries) is open to authors under 30 years of age, without exclusivity of genre, duration or format.

Submit a work or a project on line. Deadline for entries: 30th July 2022 midnight [ Paris time ].

Listening days in Paris.
November 3rd & 4th at IRCAM – Centre Pompidou
November 5th – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle