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And the winners are…

And the winners are…

We are proud to share the 2021 Palmarès with you.

256 works from 21 countries, 38 nominated works: this 26th edition offers multiple perspectives on today’s radio and sound creation.  By identifying the most exciting projects, the jury explored the abundant creativity of a new generation of authors who, in Europe and around the world, are taking over the recording tools and the podcast to invite us to listen differently.

Following in the footsteps of the previous years and across the 5 featured awards categories, this 26th edition rewarded authors who, through a thousand and one aesthetic paths, pushed the boundaries of listening.  This year’s winners represent a very diverse, international selection. Once again a very international list in which light self-produced forms and ambitious productions carried by large radio houses co-inhabit.

> Prix Field Recording / Musée Réattu Ville d’Arles :
Action Pyramid Hoverflies, Reed Pipes, Cockchafers, Bullroarers – autoproduction, (Grande-Bretagne) (écoute).

Mention à Vincent Grimaldi Geophana – autoproduction (Suisse) (écoute)

> Prix Découvertes Pierre Schaeffer :
Mélia Roger & Grégoire Chauvot Birds and wires – autoproduction (France) (écoute)
> Coup de coeur du Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles  à
Claire Messager & Fanny Dujardin pour L’échappée – une autoproduction (France) (écoute)
> Prix Nouvelles Fictions Sonores :
Mehdi Bayad, Rouge Vif, autoproduction, (Belgique) (écoute)
Mention à Klaire fait Grr, GODCAST – Le Podcast de Dieu – ARTE Radio (France) (écoute)
> Prix Art Sonore / Sacem :
Loré Lixenberg,
theVoicePartyOperaBotFarm – Österreichischer Rundfunk KunstRadio and Deutschlandfunk Kultur, (Autriche et Allemagne) (écoute)

Mention à Antje Vowinckel, Gipfeltreffen (Rencontre au sommet) – autoproduction, (Allemagne) (écoute)
> Prix Archives de la Parole / BnF :
Alice Milot & Charlie Dupiot, Chère(s) voix – Postscriptum-Podcast, (France) (écoute)
Mention à Lucia Scazzocchio & Sasha Edye-Lindner Loss in translation –Social Broadcasts (Grande Bretagne) (écoute)
> Prix Ici L’onde / Dinard Podcast Festival #1 :
Clara Lacombe, Viviane Chaudon, Marine Beccarelli Les Nuits du bout des ondes –  INA (écoute)

The phonurgia nova awards also award creative residencies in 5 partner studios. 6 projects are selected for residency in 2022 at the GRM of the INA, the GMEM of Marseille, La Muse en Circuit, Euphonia and Art Zoyd.

Anne Versailles Sarek Jietna,  Allan Jordan Pigments, Juliette Hamon La Nuit matérielle, Jérôme Girard Sous les voutes intranquilles, Léa Roger & Clarice Calvo Magma Mater, Marie-Lys Polcholpek, L’autre Paris l’après midi


We are very proud to share with you the vidéo replay of the Phonurgia Awards 2021, which took place at the BnF .