The contest is now open ! – Phonurgia Nova
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The contest is now open !

The contest is now open !

Progressively, the Phonurgia Nova Awards have become one of the most internationally renound prizesfor cutting-edge works of radio art. Established by Phonurgia Nova in Arles (south of France), this year marks the 25th time this international prize will be awarded. Since 2016, the prize has been awarded at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. The event attracts experts (curators, radio producers, critics, museum staff, and of course radio makers) from across the sonic community. Their discussions are held in public, which is scarce! The competition will distinguish authors whose work manifests a keen sense of sound and listening as a means of expression. In all categories, the criterions remain: “Radicalism, boldness, audibility”. The invitation to submit works is public and the awards consist of 6 prizes, with endorsements totalling 7,500 euros.

Phonurgia Nova is pleased to continue its partnership with Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) and to begin a new one with the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles which has brought the opening of a new category. This new partnership will reward radio experiences in “real time”. All works broadcast “live” are welcome to the extent that they are the expression of a creative approach.

The Festival will take place 1/2/3/4 October in Paris. The programme of these four days will include the exhibition of all the sound and radio art works selected for each awards category. Entrance is free.

The prize is open to authors, composers, directors and production teams. You must submit your productions to the jury in the form of a recording ready for broadcast together with the required documentation and entry form by 15 July 2020 midnight. If the first broadcast or publication of asubmission has already taken place, its date must not lie before 1 January 2018. Works not yet broadcast are also welcome. The regulations outlining all of the conditions governing the submission of entries are available in French and English on our web site :

« Give your sound or radiophonic art works a worldwide audience! » During these four days in Paris, works from all around the world will be presented to a demanding and appreciative audience.