2019 – Phonurgia Nova
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And the winners are…

This year, 272 productions coming from 30 different countries were entered, and 35 were nominated. During a whole weekend these 35 works from all around the world were presented to a demanding and appreciative audience. The two presidents of the jury, Anne Gillot and Alessandro Bosetti, underlined that this competition was one more time “a genuine sound art observatory”.

Palmarès 2019

4 awards to celebrate radio art and sound expression

  • « Field recording » Award

  • with 1000€

    Yulia Glukhova
    Ci(r)cadian Rhythm
    37 min, autoproduction (Russia)

    listen here

  • « Human Word Archives » Award

  • with 1000€ from the BnF,
    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

    Marc Antoine Granier
    Ville souterraine
    51 min, autoproduction (co-prod Gulliver-RTBF/ Échelle Inconnue), France

    listen here


    Théo Boulenger
    Une excursion extraordinaire
    39 min, autoproduction (France)

    listen here

  • « Prix du public » Award

  • Judith Bordas
    Traverser les forêts
    56 min, production RTBF_France Culture et RTS (France)

    listen here

  • « Sound Art » Award

  • with 2000€
    from the SACEM

    Anne Lepère
    42 min, with the help of ACSR and FACR of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium)

    listen here

    Ex Aequo :

    Raviv Ganchrow
    40 min, production Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany)

    listen here

  • « Sound Fictions » Award

  • with 2000€

    Guillaume Abgrall & Chiara Todaro
    La brebis galeuse
    57 min, La tentative, with  the help of ACSR,  National Theater and FACR (Belgium)

    listen here

  • Selection Ars Acustica

  • from the European Broadcasting Union

    Yulia GlukhovaCi(r)cadian Rhythm, autoproduction (Russia)

    Floriane Pochon Tiny tunes from the wilder world_Metamorphoses#2 : Arbre – Phaune Radio (France)
    Félix Blume Horses talks : Dii, Hai, O and others horse words – Semi Silent (France)
    Ravi Ganchrow Knallfunken – Deutschlandfunk kultur (Germany)
    Anna Raimondo Mediterraneo (Italy)

Phonurgia Nova 2019 Residences / Scholarships

Phonurgia Nova 2019 / GRM de l’INA
Phonurgia Nova 2019 / Euphonia
Phonurgia Nova 2019 / GMVL Lyon
Phonurgia Nova 2019 / Le LABO Radio Télévision Suisse 

The nominees are

Anna Friz (USA), Giulia Deval (Italie), Marylène Carre (France), Nastasja Pradel (France), Federica Manzitti (Italie), Lorine Carton (France), Colin Black (Australie),  Carina Pesch (Allemagne), Alessandra Tempesti / Gea Brown (Italie), Nora Benarrosh-Orsoni (France), Alexia Sena (France),

SEPTEMBER 28th & 29th 2019

Sounds, words, voices, among the books !

Phonurgia Nova and the Bnf _ Bibliothèque Nationale de France_ welcomes you for an international trip in today’s radio and sound creation


Public broadcasters from all around the world, non-commercial stations, sound factories and major studios like ARTE Radio, La Première, RTBF, Phaune Radio, France Culture, ACSR, Le Labo-RSR, Deutschlandfunk, BabelFish asbl, Radio Panik, SWR, and, of course, the large family of independent authors and radio-makers were competing for this year’s Awards. We invite you do discover the shortlist of nominees and detailed program of the two days of listening.

Saturday september 28th

10:15 a.m.: Jury Welcome Address

by François Nida
assistant Director of cultural events of the BnF
Presentation of the members of the jury.
Reminder of the philosophy of the event
and its vocation.

10:30 am – 12:30 a.m.: Field Recording Award

Blume Félix Fuga – Semi Silent – France
Floriane Pochon Tiny tunes from the wilder world – Phaune Radio – France
Tim Duck Beneath the surface – Australia
Thibaut Quinchon Dissociation, Bras du Nord – Canada
Yulia Glukhova Ci(r)cadran Rhythme – Russia
Mark Ferguson The Bees of FDR Drive – United Kingdom
Robin Minard Kayapo – The crying Chieftain Raoni – Germany

2:00 p.m. – 4:10 p.m.: Human Word Archives Award 1

Caroline Berliner Etre, venir, aller – Le bruit et la fureur avec ACSR – Belgium
Théo Boulenger Une excursion extraordinaire – France
Celia Dessardo Courage, fuyons ! – Alterego films avec ACSR – Belgium
Ecaterina Vidick & Aurélie Boudet Quand la mère se retire – Babelfish asbl avec ACSR – Belgium
Marc-Antoine Granier Ville souterraine – France

4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.: Human Word Archives Award 2

Clara Beaudoux Les mots d’Isidore III – France Culture – France
Judith Bordas Traverser les forêts – France Culture/RTBF – France
Halima Elkhatabi La route du bled – ARTE Radio – France
Delphine Saltel Que sont-ils devenus ? Ange – ARTE Radio – France
Alice Milot & Charlie Dupiot Cher Donneur – France

Sunday september 29th

10:15 a.m. – 12:05 a.m.: Radio Art #1

Christophe Korn & Oliver Augst Volksliedmaschine 2.0 – TEXTxtnd – Germany
Anne Lepère Autopoïese – ACSR – Belgium
Russell Stapleton The driver – Australia
Antje Vowinckel Goethe to go. A spoken landscape – Deutschlandfunk kultur et Hessischer Rundfunk – Germany
Mark Vernon Elsewhere is a negative mirror – United Kingdom

1:00 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.: Radio Art #2

Anna Raimondo Mediterraneo – Belgium
Nicolas Humbert & Mark Parisotto Cut up the border – Bayerischer Rundfunk et Deutschlandfunk kultur – Germany
Christopher A.Williams & David Moss Ansage – Germany
David Kamp Mimicry – Germany
Christian & Gabriela Fierbinteanu The great scheme of my life – Romania
Ravi Ganchrow Knallfunken – Deutschlandfunk kultur – Germany
Bernadette Johnson Liberté – un jeu – Switzerland

3:30 p.m. – 5:55 p.m.: Fiction Award

Chloé Despax & Nora Boulanger Hirsch Météore – Radio Panik avec ACSR – Belgium
Peter Lenaerts Non-place – Australia
Guillaume Abgrall & Chiara Todaro La brebis galeuse – Belgium
Claire Richard Les Chemins de désir, Episode 1 – ARTE Radio – France
Elg Amiral Prose (épisodes 1 et 3) – Belgium
Benjamin Abitan & Arthur Brugger Maintenant nous savons – Le LABO RTS – Switzerland

7:00 p.m.: 2019 Awards Announcement

In the presence of the President of the BnF,
Mme Laurence Engels (subject to availability)

2019 Juries

  • Léa Minod

    I made my first steps for Arte Radio in 2008, then for Radio France and Radio Campus Paris in 2010 with the broadcast Récréation sonore. Since 2010 I oscillate between the passionate listening about all that’s broadcasts the radio media, the radio productions I make and sound creation.

  • Olivier Kaeppelin

    Curator of exhibitions, art critic, radio producer and writer, I was deputy director in charge of programmes at France Culture and then advisor to the president of Radio France for cultural programmes from 1999 to 2004, Director of Plastic Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Communication from 2004 to 2010,

  • Alexandre Castant

    I’m an essayist, an art critic, and a National Art Schools Professor. I have published Planète sonores, radiophonie, arts, cinema (Monografik), Journal audiobiographique, radiophonie, arts, cinema (Nouvelles Éditions Scala, 2016) and recently, Les Arts sonores (Transonic, Charleroi).

  • Jean-Loup Graton

    After musical studies in the class of Pierre Schaeffer at the CNSM, I entered as a radio Producer at France Musique and France Culture. I became the assistant of the Director of this station and later managed the communication of Radio France (1977 - 2000). Since 2005, I am responsible for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Alessandro Bosetti

    Musician and sound artist, I compose since works that are mixing intimate words, bruitists patterns and sound atmospheres. Radio, performance or installations, I am interested in all the possibilities offered by acoustic narration. I live and work in Marseille. I received the Phonurgia Nova Awards in 2012.

  • Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux

    As a researcher, I am a research director emeritus at the CNRS. My research themes focus on the sound history of theatre.

  • Laurence Lesaux

    Journalist for the radio program pages at Télérama

  • David Collin

    I manage the LABO since its creation, and I am a producer and a director on the Radio Swiss Television (Espace 2, Lausanne) since 1997. I am also a writer and a publisher.

  • Benoît Hické

    Je suis programmateur au sein du service culturel du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, à Paris, avec entre autres champs artistiques une prédilection pour les projets sonores à la croisée du field recording et de la bio-acoustique.

  • Pascal Cordereix

    General curator of libraries, I am in charge of the audio documents department at the Bnf Audiovisual Department. In addition to legal deposit, I’m in charge of the department’s historical sound holdings.

  • Francois Nida

    Former publisher, I am now Assistant Director for the cultural programming at the BnF.

  • Emmanuel Chicon

    Member of the selection committee of Visions du Réel since 2007, I am a journalist, documentary critic, radio producer and programmer. I co-host the Tënk Sound Beaches.

  • Christian Canonville

    I taught for more than 20 years at ENS Louis Lumière the foundations of filmmaking and of making documentaries and radio dramas

  • Anne Gillot

    Clarinettist and flutist, Anne Gillot pursues her work of creation and representation of the contemporary music repertoire and, more generally, intend to explore sound in all its facets. She was born in Lausanne in 1972.

  • Marie-Charlotte Laudier

    As a journalist and radio producer, I co-host with Emmanuel Chicon the sound beaches on the Tënk platform dedicated to author documentaries.

  • Juliette Volcler

    I’m an independent researcher, an author and a sound critic. I work on the history of sound creation, social criticism of sound, sound design. I contribute to Syntone, and the collective The Sirens.


Rendez-vous september 28th and 29th

Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris

Come at the Festival Phonurgia Nova and attend public listening and deliberation days.