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Phonurgia Nova Awards 2021

Deadline for submission : july 5th 2021

Registration indicates that you accept and abide by the rules outlining the conditions for participation.

Contest 2021

I am sending you the following proposal (in the case of multiple submissions, fill in one registration form per submission and attach a detailed presentation for each one).

Registration fee
Total :

Drop your project files (2 MB maximum) in the zone opposite.

  • Biography (PDF format)
  • Short description of the work submitted (PDF format)
  • Authorization from the producer
  • ID for under 30 years old

For your Audio File (in WAV format), copy your Dropbox share link in the field below.

A Dropbox guideline can be downloaded here.

  • Submission is open to all without limitation, no age limit (except for the “Discoveries” Prize).
  • There are no boundaries concerning duration, the choices of the technical application or the presentation of the work
  • Creative residencies will be programmed in 2022 according to a schedule to be determined with each winner.
  • In the event of multiple project submission, each submission would need a unique registration form.
  • Any application indicates that you respect the formality of presentation as detailed in the rules.
  • See the rules.
  • Download our Dropbox guideline here.
  • Contact us via email if you have any questions.