The contest is now open ! – Phonurgia Nova
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The contest is now open !

The contest is now open !

Phonurgia Nova is pleased to continue its partnership with Bibliothèque Nationale de France. The Festival will take place 23rd and 24th September. The programme of these two days will include all the sound and radio art works selected by the jury. The final discussion and listening sessions will take place in public. Entrance is free. Registration for works and projects is open until july 31st. All details

« Give your sound or radiophonic art works a worldwide audibility ! » Participate in one of the most important radio and sound art competition, (award and festival) in Europe. Born in 1986, the festival is the oldest and most prestigious of all radio art events in France. It attracts experts (curators, radio producers, press, critics, museum staff, and of course radio makers) from everywhere. Phonurgia Nova Awards gives you an opportunity to show them your work.

All works are welcome as long as they are the expression of a creative approach. During a whole weekend audio works from all around the world will be presented to a demanding and appreciative audience. The final prizes will be awarded at the BnF.

Everyone is welcome to apply ! An International Jury will award 7,500 € worth of prizes.

Deadline for submissions : july 31st 2017.

All details and registration form available on or web site :